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The Utility Programs for Drainage (UPD) package consists of a number of easy to use, state-of-the-art, user friendly programs for the hydraulic design and analysis of drainage structures. It consists of the following components:

    • Economic calculations
    • Flood calculations (Deterministic, empirical and statistical methods)
    • Water surface profiles
    • Basic hydraulic calculations to define flow depths, flow rates etc.
    • Surface drainage
    • Culverts and bridges (analyses and hydraulic design) - To be completed

The UPD software compliments the Drainage Manual compiled for the South African National Road Agency Limited (SANRAL).


To view various screen shots click on the link below:

Utility Programs for Drainage: Screen shots


Utility Programs for Drainage runs on any personal computer, but requires Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win10, Windows N.T 4.0, or 2000. The program takes up approximately 80 MB of hard disk space. The following hardware specification is recommended:

  • Pentium DuoCore or higher
  • 2048 MB RAM or more
  • DVD drive (for software installation from distribution DVD)
  • 800x600 display, 24-bit colour or higher


Utility Programs for Drainage is distributed on a CD and has a detailed user's manual. The distribution CD contains all the files and libraries necessary to install and run the program, Utility Programs for Drainage. The user manual is available in hard copy format although an electronic version is distributed with the CD in Adobe Acrobat format. The latest versions of the Adobe Acrobat readers are also included on the distribution CD as well as other useful software (mostly freeware).


You install UPD using the program UPD setup Version 1.1.0.exe. The Setup program installs the software, sample applications and the help files.

To install UPD from the distribution CD:
- insert the distribution CD in the CD-drive
- type "d:/UPD setup Version 1.1.0" (if "d" is the CD drive) or use the windows explorer to start the UPD setup Version 1.1.0.exe program on the CD.
- Follow the setup instruction on the screen.

To install UPD from the downloaded file:
- Run the UPD setup (Version 1.1.0).exe program or simply double click this file.
- Follow the setup instruction on the screen.

The installation program automatically creates a program group called Utility Programs for Drainage. This program group will be listed under the Programs menu, which is under the Start menu. The installation program creates the directory specified by the user and then copies the necessary files to this directory. The installation program will install all the necessary files in their correct locations and will create shortcut items under the Windows Start menu.

Once the package has been installed the drivers for the security dongle must also be installed. From the created Programs group click on Install security dongle drivers to install the required drivers. The driver installation program is called “InstDrv.exe” which should be in the specified installation directory of the program.


If you are interested in purchasing the UPD software please contact Sinotech CC. There are different licensing options available as detailed in the table below.



Cost (including VAT)

Single license

This is a single license (1 x key)

R5 350.00

Network license

Network license (up to 10 users)

R26 500.00

Educational package deal

This is two single user licenses (2 x keys) as well as a network license (network key for up to 100 users)

R24 500.00

Overseas users

Users outside South Africa's borders

1.5 times amounts above








Postage costs are excluded in the above table. Prices will be adjusted from time to time if additional features are added or major extensions incorporated.

Please provide the required information such as your company details, address, telephone and facsimile numbers and contact person. To make ordering the software as easy as possible click on the link below (Order form), complete and send back to us at sales@sinotechcc.co.za (Mrs Petro Venter).

Order form

Once proof of payment has been received the software package will be sent to you via courier or can be collected at the University of Pretoria, Department of Civil engineering.

The software will be updated as the need arises and bugs are found. Updates and minor improvements will be free until 2020 after which a nominal upgrade fee could be required if major improvements are made.



The version of UPD available is version 1.1 (19 July 2009), see Updates for earlier versions:
Date: 19 July 2009
License: Shareware 
Size: 74 MB
UPD - version 1.1

This is the demo version but once the License key (security dongle) is detected by the software, it changes to a full working program. The demo version is limited with the save and analyse/design functionality’s being disabled.

The security dongle drivers which are Microsoft signed device drivers for ROCKEY4 models, can be downloaded below:

Security dongle driver (32-bit)

Security dongle driver (64-bit)

Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit drivers for ROCKEY4 has been updated.

Windows 7 Security dongle driver (32-bit)

Windows 7 Security dongle driver (64-bit)

Windows 8 & 10, 32 and 64 bit drivers for ROCKEY4 has been updated (latest drivers 2014)

Latest ROCKEY4 Drivers (32 and 64 Bit) - 2014

Installation instructions for latest drivers

An alternative download site if the speed is not great: UPD - version 1.1


Version 1.0.1 was released on 1 May 2007 and version 1.0.2 on 12 August 2007. The update/patch file named: Update 2 (Version 1.0.2 to Version 1.1) can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Update 1

Date: 12 August 2007
Size: 14.4 MB

Update 2

Date: 19 July 2009
Size: 5.5 MB

Unzip the downloaded file to a temporary directory. Click on Update to version 1.1.exe to update the UPD program.

The developers are working on a new version to incorporate the changes as described in the Drainage Manual.


The computer programs included in this package were developed and applied over a number of years, and further changes and improvements are anticipated in the future. Exhaustive testing of this product is impossible. The data sets supplied with the package are included for demonstration purposes only.

The software programs were developed for the convenience of its users. Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the programs are accurate and reliable the program developers, Sinotech CC, accept no liability of any kind for any results, interpretation thereof or any use made of the results obtained with these programs. All users of these programs do so entirely at their own risk.

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